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Who am i?

Passionate Full Stack Developer | Python Enthusiast | Mobile App Developer | Stock Market Aficionado Greetings! I`m Mohammad Hasan Anisi, a Full Stack Developer hailing from Qom, Iran, with a fervor for crafting digital solutions that blend innovation with functionality. With a strong foundation in Computer Science and an unyielding curiosity, I`m constantly seeking to push boundaries and explore new horizons in the tech realm.

🔧 Technical Arsenal:

Proficient in a diverse array of technologies:

Python: Python-Socketio, Django, DRF, FastAPI, Rocketry - GraphQL

JavaScript: ReactJS, React Native, Socket.io

SQL: SQLite, MySQL - NoSQL: Redis, MongoDB

Git, GitHub

📚 Education & Growth:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | Qom University, Qom, Iran | May 2020

Personal Info


Qom, Iran




May 20, 1990 Apirl 20, 2002